100 Hectares of Understanding

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of forests for Finland, be it historically, geographically or economically. 71,6 % of the country is covered by forests, that’s over 26 million hectares. Jaako Kahilaniemi owns 100 hectares.

100 Hectares of Understanding is his attempt to understand the importance of the forest and his responsibility to the land he inherited in 1997. For many years he was indifferent, living in the city and uninterested in engaging with the countryside. But recent research into the world of forestry has provoked an interest for Kahilaniemi in understanding what nature can offer the urban populace.

Kahilaniemi’s photographs isolate the land into 100 hectare parcels overlayed and woven with the objects he found, the sculptures he made and the experiences he had as he visited the rural landscape.