FORMAT Photoforum: The Cultural Evolution Artists in conversation with Azu Nwagbogu

As part of FORMAT’s on-going Photoforum talks series, we are pleased to present this live talk featuring The Cultural Evolution: Identity, Performance and Fashion artists Bonolo Kavula, Lunga Ntila, Silvia Rosi and Stephen Tayo.

These four internationally renowned artists (along with Adji Dieye who is unable to join) are all exhibiting their work in The Cultural Evolution: Identity, Performance and Fashion exhibition in QUAD Gallery as part of FORMAT22 Presents.

They will be joined in the talk with exhibition curator Azu Nwagbogu (Director, Lagos Photo and African Artists’ Foundation). The talk will focus on key themes in each artists works relating to the exhibitions title (Identity – Performance – Fashion).

Stephen Tayo, Silvia Rosi, Bonolo Kavula, Adji Dieye and Lunga Ntila all push the limits of identity. For them identity is a series of narratives of self. Identity is just a set of narratives that we tell ourselves about ourselves.

This exhibition and the idea behind it has been three years in the making. The artists exhibited in The Cultural Evolution all demonstrate an awareness of the rapidly changing cultural landscape and the need to insert themselves across various aspects and genres of the rapidly transforming visual cultural scene.

Each artist has produced a work that is as much themselves as metaphorically possible in a self-reflexive sense. There is a new visual language forming and they are very literate in reading the visual cues and ideas produced by their works.

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