Lumen Printing Workshop with Clare Hewitt

Learn the process of Lumen Printing with Birmingham based artist Clare Hewitt.

During this workshop you will learn the process of lumen printing by working with elements of nature that are important to you and and/or your community. You will be introduced to the history of this technique, and also look at contemporary applications.

We ask participants to bring an element of nature that you feel is significant to you or your community. Flat items work best for the Lumen printing process as you will be placing them beneath glass in frames. Objects such as leaves, feathers and flowers work particularly well. All other equipment will be provided.

The pieces you create will be scanned after the workshop and a copy will be sent to you to keep.

If you suffer from any allergies please carry an epipen. If you any have accessibility needs, please let us know prior to the session to we can ensure access is available.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the session.

This workshop is being led by the participants of the East Meets West Masterclass which is run by FORMAT/QUAD and GRAIN.