Out of the Way

Russian based photographer Elena Anosova spent her teenage years in a rehabilitation boarding school and now focuses her work on the lives of women in closed institutions and isolated regions, often marked by social stigmatization.

For her project Out of the Way Anosova travelled to the extreme north of Russia, where communities are isolated with limited communication or transport networks. In the village of Taiga, with a population of just 100 adults, the remoteness is palpable, with the closest town over 300 kilometres away and a helicopter shuttle that visits twice a month: less in the winter months and bad weather.

Electricity, supplied by a diesel generator, is available only in the mornings and evenings, and temperatures in winter average -45° Celsius.

Modern civilization penetrates slowly and fragmentarily and is intricately woven into the local way of life making the past and present interlace in surprising ways. Century long rituals and daily routines are often based on mythology, and fiction is more important than the contemporary reality.

Out of the way is about a paradox in our globally connected worlds: a micro community surviving without external support and influence.