The Path of an Honest Man

Non-verbal communication, defined by gesture and body language inform the way we understand, interpret and misinterpret each other.

Successful communication needs both verbal and physical expression, and must be joined together through the act of understanding. In The Path of an Honest Man, Alexandra Lethbridge looks at how these two aspects of communication can become misaligned.

Through a visual study into the hidden language of telling untruths Lethbridge looks for the commonalities in universal gestures and visual cues. A lie is to make a false statement with a deliberate intent to deceive and research suggests humanity learnt this art of deception not long after spoken language first emerged.

The salesman is trained to lie or at the very least expand the truth, in order to persuade the intended buyer of the virtue of purchasing the items he has for sale. Lethbridge uses the archetypal salesman of the 1950s to explore further this connection between the spoken and expressed languages and to find out whether lying and deception is a visual code and is one that can be understood.