The Rage of Devotion

The work of Liza Ambrossio speaks to a life, lived, suffered, loved, hated, dreamed and desired. She embraces the personal combining her family archive with her own photographs, inviting the viewer to engage with her emotional state and her dark, comedic and immoral inclinations.

Her motivation is not a celebration of her transition from adolescence to adulthood, but is informed by a desire to destroy the world she comes from, a place that restricts creativity and prevents the female from escaping the biological determinism of motherhood. By deconstructing her past, she gives herself the challenge of rebuilding her past, using the fragments from her macabre archive of cryptic paintings, performance, intervention, installations, videos, psychology, lucid nightmares, science fiction, ero-guro and witchcraft, re-arranged through free association .

Her project The Rage of Devotion is rooted in the concept of Melanie Klein’s bad mother. Rejecting her own childhood and upbringing, Ambrossio reconstructs her remembered history, almost as a therapeutic act. Rejecting her own familial reality she elevates fantasy and gives voice to the power of her imagination.

As Ambrossio says “My ambition is to achieve the greatest freedom that the religion of art can give me.”