Andrea G Artz

Andrea G Artz has an MFA from the University of Leeds and is based in London. She is best known for her large-scale sculptural installations for galleries, museums and residencies. She has won various international awards including Arts Council England Lottery Funding for her virtual reality project Ghost Weight Experience, the Mac Dowell Fellowship & residency, the European Centre for Creative Economy (ECCE) grant and the Fuji Euro Press Award.

Recent exhibitions include School of Design/University of Leeds, Royal Academy of Arts, Towner Eastbourne, Charles Dickens Museum, APT Gallery, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Palais des Art Marseille. An upcoming (postponed) solo show will take place at Coleman Project Space in 2021.

Much of her work is on the theme of travel. Travelling signifies the freedom to experience other cultures, gain enlightenment and overcome fears. She has previously photographed people caught on mass transit during significant historical times: Russians riding the escalator after Perestroika (Metropoliten, 1993), New Yorkers travelling the Staten Island ferry shortly after 9/11 (Passengers, 2001), and commuters glued to their electronic devices in our digital world (In Transit, 2015).

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12 March 2021 to 5 March 2023