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Brexit is Your Fault

15 March - 14 April
10:30 - 17:00

Brexit is Your Fault

BREXIT IS YOUR FAULT! Yours, ours, theirs, mine, those over the Channel, those in purple ribbons, those on the green seats, the red seats, the sofa seats at home.

Mark Duffy’s ongoing project evokes the atmosphere of tragic-comedy in current British governance and an irresponsible culture of blame and ego. The body of work juxtaposes Duffy’s unique insights gleaned from working in Westminster alongside his documentary observations around London, looking outwardly at how this period of political turmoil is reflected in the surreal state of the world.

While this non-partisan project engages with a culpability of the media, cross-party legislative chaos and the responsibility of the electorate as a whole in deciding its political future, ultimately BREXIT IS YOUR FAULT is a personal project.

For Duffy, photography is a means of coping with an anxiety-inducing time, through documenting and adding humour to our strange, mutating socio-political environment. This photographic documentary channels his conflicting emotions about these recent political events in the United Kingdom and is reflective of the climate, manifested in uncertainty, tension and absurdity.

BREXIT IS YOUR FAULT is part of the group presentation The Brexit Shop curated by Peter Bonnell.