Photo by Toyama Hiroto

Aizuwakamatsu-Shi Fukushima

Humans are apt to fulfil their world with meanings, converting senses.

Useless information is ignored, and environments subdued.

In urban spheres, temperature is constant, floors are flat, there are no smells.

It is natural that humans think everything has its own meaning. That is because we control our surroundings and position no meaningless things.

Nature has no meanings; this is it.

Humans control nature through meanings, generating the “unnatural”.

There, humans are intolerant of meaningless things.

Humans conclude that what they can’t understand is “meaningless”.

Yet a human’s body is part of that “natural”.

Photography resolves misunderstandings that the world is filled with meanings,

Camera is the machine; “unnatural”.

But photography is “natural” by its completeness.

Photography is the encounter of the moment “Natural” resisting “Unnatural”.


Can I prioritize the “Natural”?

Don’t I think to control “Nature”?

Aizuwakamatsu-Shi Fukushima by Toyama Hiroto was selected by FORMAT 21 Open Call Juror – Gordon MacDonald