Disruption presents: AMP Voices

FORMAT22 Presents:

AMP Voices is the first multi-disciplinary exhibition by Disruption (part of O’Driscoll Collective). Exploring the rawness and expressive nature of Breakin’ and spoken word, presented alongside unique photography & videography that captures the energy and spirit of street culture – AMP Voices seeks to reflect the make-up of modern society through a range of mediums and allow those who have been ‘othered’ to see themselves represented in new spaces.

AMP Voices is the culmination of research with local people in Derby and across the Midlands, tackling themes of toxic masculinity across genders, accountability, success, and identity. From digital projection to audio installations, experimental film to photography – this interactive exhibition seeks to disrupt daily consciousness to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness. What stories do you see for the first time, and what stories are your own?

AMP Voices strives for reform rather than revolt, based on the belief that sparking just one new idea can change a person’s perception. “I live. It’s not for you to believe.”

In November 2021 FORMAT selected Disruption from our UK wide open call to be FORMAT Collective in Residence. As part of the residency the collective have been working from QUAD’s dedicated Artist Studio space to create work in and around Derby.

As our residency artists, the group have access to QUAD’s wide range of equipment and facilities as well as receiving support, guidance and mentoring from the FORMAT and QUAD curatorial, education and marketing teams.

Disruption brings together black artists from a range of disciplines who are rooted in the Midlands. Driven by research and a commitment to building and representing their community, the collective works collaboratively across artforms to respond to the ‘now’. Coming together in response to the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in May 2020,

Disruption’s work presents multiple narratives of the black British experience in public spaces – to challenge preconceptions and share individual realities through art.

Disruption is made up of digital artist Anthony Shintai Amao, spoken word artist Sipho Eric Ndlovu, dance artist Jamaal O’Driscoll and producer Emily Labhart.