FORMAT19: Photobook Market

“There’s no use ever searching for photobooks online,” says Sebastian Hau, “it’s impossible to find traces of the vibrant community of photographers and bookmakers there.”

To appreciate photobooks, you need to see them, touch them, read them and festivals around the world have become one of the most important places not only to see and buy photography, but to discover it, speak to photographers and publishers, and meet them in market places where you can discuss their books.

The  cornerstone of British photography publishing, Dewi Lewis, and his 25 year old catalogue of wonderful books will be attending the FORMAT19 Photobook Market during the Opening Weekend along with Maxwell Anderson’s artist focused Bemojake; Tiffany Jones’s social, cultural, and environmental issue based imprint Overlapse; Tide Press; and Richard Sporleder’s Café Lehmitz which promotes the public photobook collection within Germany’s museums and universities.

And be sure to heed Hau’s advice “Beware, often photography books are printed in very limited print so it’s no use to think too long when you’ve already fallen in love with a book!”

Dewi Lewis
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