Photo by Gao Shang

Honesty and Disguise

I want to tell you a story. It may be a horror story. It may be a love story or a story about a person’s life. It has no voice, it does not move, it hangs there quietly to tell you the story.

I want to use photography to write a novel by imaginary writers, to put together the chapters and the contents of the story with different scenes. When we look at the literary works, we will have a sense of the content in our mind. If photography is the artistic form that catches the moment, the picture is in our mind

You can also catch it. When we face the noisy environment around us, I hope this photographer’s novel can bring you some relaxation. It will bring you some thoughts and satisfaction like your pillow book or a tired day’s evening film. Please sit down and open a chapter to read it because it tells you a story.

Honesty and Disguise by Gao Shang