How Love Lives in Two Places

This multi- and trans-disciplinary exhibition of over thirty artists describes the experimental boundaries of both photography and place. With a title extracted from the poetry of Clark County’s poet laureate, Angela M. Brommel, How love lives in two places is a visual dialogue between Derby, UK and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Students and faculty of the University of Derby School of Arts have worked together with their counterparts at Nevada State College Office for the Arts, alongside friendships made with seminal and emerging artists residing and working in the Las Vegas Valley. The partnership fostered between both institutions is supported by the generous patronage of James Stanford and Lynn Morris.


Artists include: Aaron Bien, Abbie Sunter, Abel Montes de Oca, Adriana Chavez, Alasdair Openshaw, Alexandra Totterdell, Amy Morgan, Angela M. Brommel, Anna Hoess, Archie Terrington, Char Harmer, Danielle Bouchon, Elisha Mae Gascoigne, Ell Hammond, Emily Lawrence, Erick Masih, Erin Swinford-Howe, Fiona Middleton, James Stanford, Jerome B. Romero, Jesse Hudson, Gabrielle Distin, Gemma Marmalade, Glenda Perez-Islas, Haash Ahmad, Keeva Lough, Lance L. Smith, Liam White, Noah Mcclelland, Paige Tighe, Phil Searle, Robbie Liddle, Myron Hensel, Tanya Mansell, Veronica Gutierrez, Violet Burgess.