Photo from National Police Defence Manual

REDUCCIÓN [Restrained]




  1. Reduce the amount, size, intensity, or importance of a thing.
  2. Restrain something or someone who offers resistance to make it/them obey
  3. Changing or converting one thing into something else, usually smaller.

The legal status of a migrant determines whether they can remain and for how long in a country. The migrant’s daily routine is affected when they do not have identification documents or a valid resident permit in the country.  The migrant is an undocumented Person.

The police checks periodically the legal status of people living in areas where statistically they may find undocumented people. These places are called Warning Zones. Each time the Police carry out checks in these areas, undocumented migrants avoid the streets to avoid been caught.

When an area with undocumented migrants is detected, a police check point is established. This requires the modification of the daily travel and the routes taken by undocumented migrants. If the migrant is arrested they are restrained and transferred to the CIE (Migrants Detention Centre). The arrest of undocumented people is regulated by the Police Defence Manual established by the National Police Force. The manual explains in detail how to restraint the undocumented person with combat techniques.

Reducción [Restrained] by Felipe Romero Beltrán explores the procedures of the arrest of undocumented migrants and stages the act of restraint against the images from the Police Defense.

Archive files taken from the National Police Defence Manual.