Photo by Simon Lehner

The Mind is the Voice, the Voice is Blind

The Mind is a Voice, the Voice is Blind examines the cognitive dialogue between memories and the conscious.

Coming from personal experiences the work reflects on domestic and emotional violence, trauma, control and mental health and depicts a maturation process through four characters who struggle along the path to their future.

The series uses fundamental elements and physical gestures of image making as an analogy to the control that trauma can take over memories and self-perception.

It includes lens-based animated videos featuring a 3D character who represents the artist’s ten-year-old  alter ego and a room, as well as lens-based sculptures.  All of which were generated from personal archives through various digital reconstruction methods and reference patterns of being stuck in traumatic memories.

This approach of incorporating pre-existing personal archives forms a way of creating work from memory.

With the core of the work circling around iterations of the photographic process, the work attempts to make memory of trauma tangible and reflects a search for a visual language that aims to deconstruct lived experiences as it tries to create an emotional layer through the medium.