Photo by Michael Darough

The Talk

The Talk by Michael Darough was created in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement. The faceless men in the project represent individuals affected by this systemic issue. Those void of the figure symbolize the stories of the struggle; they are the ones that do not receive news coverage.

Incarceration rates, racial profiling and fatalities from law enforcement disproportionately affect individuals of colour.

Police officers have the difficult task of protecting and serving these communities. They are people we depend on in common and extreme situations. I have nothing but respect for these women and men who risk their lives daily, but every black family still has to have “the talk” with their children: especially their sons.

Every few months a high profile story emerges about another individual who is a victim of the criminal justice system.  These situations have become all too common.

Social media and the digital age have given us access to see how excessive force has been used in several situations against people of colour. These problems are not new. As a country America has transitioned from slavery and the segregation of the Jim Crow laws to civil rights. These issues went from overt to covert.

Although these matters regarding race are better than they have been in decades, we still have problems within our society that have yet to be properly addressed and fixed.