Unpacking the Suitcase

FORMAT22 Presents:

Let’s find Prince Emmanuel Adewale Oyenuga!

We are pleased to present the story of the mysterious suitcase, left by Nigerian artist – Prince Emmanuel Adewale Oyenuga – with his close friend Luisa Guadayol in Barcelona.

In 1967 Prince Emmanuel travelled to Spain with his wife where he enrolled in the Escuala Massana art school. Three years later the married couple left Spain and moved to London. They never returned to Spain or reclaimed the precious suitcase, full of photographs and artworks from his time in Barcelona.

The materials found in the suitcase point to different social and cultural moments in the history of Nigeria and beyond: the Nigerian Civil War, the cultural ties between two countries, Nigeria and Spain, the legacy of the artist, the story of emigration, Nigerian studio photography of the 70’s and first and foremost, to restitution

The suitcase is in the safe keeping of Luisa Guadayol’s daughter – Ana Briongos and together with the African Artists’ Foundation they have begun the quest to find relatives of Prince Emmanuel Adewale Oyenuga or indeed the Prince himself.

If you can help in this search please do share your knowledge and email [email protected]

This exhibition is presented with thanks to Azu Nwagbogu, Ana Briongos and Lagos Photo