FORMAT21: Opening Night

New Art City

New Art City is a multiplayer online space, providing a digital venue for delivering exhibitions, events and visitor participation online.

Every exhibition is a 3D multiplayer environment and visitors can see each other and chat while exploring the exhibitions. Popular shows can support hundreds of visitors at the same time from all over the world.

New Art City is an artist run organisation dedicated to supporting artists in everything they do, especially those who face barriers in the traditional fine art world by providing a virtual space to those who are denied physical space, empowering artists to realise the impossible and dream a new type of art.

New Art City are a team of technologists based in Los Angeles and was started in March of 2020 as a reaction to the widespread closure of art spaces and cancellation of exhibitions as a result of the global pandemic.Founded by digital artist with contributions by Benny Lichtner and Martin Mudenda Bbela, the team includes Christina Lelon and Sammie Veeler.

Exhibitions & Events