Even MORE Portfolio Reviewer’s Announced for 2024!

We’re excited to announce even more reviewers for the FORMAT24 online Portfolio Review:⁠

Frances Jukabek (USA) @franciepants⁠
Franek Ammer (Poland) @frankdrammer ⁠
Lee Elkins (UK) @thelostlightrecordings ⁠
Stephanie Blomkamp (South Africa) @tiptapsnap @oathjournal⁠
Zelda Cheatle (UK) @cheatlezelda ⁠
Suzanne Tromp (Netherlands) @shetromp @wepresent⁠
Vivienne Gamble (UK) @peckham24photo⁠
Wang Baoguo (China)⁠
Gordon MacDonald (UK) @editorgordon @hapaxmagazine⁠

Join us in 2024 and have the opportunity to show your work to some of the most influential and expert photography professionals from around the world. ⁠

Our website will be going live very soon. When it does you can see all of next years reviewers and prepare a list of names you’d like to see ready for booking on 11 December.⁠

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