Adrian Andrei

We Are Nothing Without Stories

With 10 years of experience in film and video production, I have a proven track record in producing a wide variety of moving images, from narrative-based films to promotional content, editing across multiple platforms and software and filming with a wide range of cameras. Since 2018, I have been working in the Higher Education sector, delivering educational content for film, media, and journalism courses. Since 2021 I have been working as a full-time academic at the University of Derby. My practice is focused on film post-production, mainly editing, colour grading and visual effects. My most recent work includes editing and colour grading Reet Good (2022), a feature-length documentary, funded by Arts Council England focusing on documenting a 5-day workshop developed by deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists and, colour grading Armoured Saint (2021), a feature-length documentary which tells the story of the rock band with the same name. The documentary is currently in the film festival circuit, most recently winning an award from the Royal Society of Television and Motion Pictures and is due to be released on streaming platforms. In my research, I am interested in exploring experimental and surreal films with a focus on strong visual images.

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17 March to 21 April 2023