AJR Moxon’s work is about the collection, use and preservation of ancient light and how light connects us to the past via space.

He is first person to successfully record starlight directly onto photopaper using self-designed telescopes and equipment based on the northern edge of Dartmoor National Park (UK).

Since 2013 he has been working on two processes, the ‘Astrogram’ (prints made from pure starlight) and ‘Lunargram’ (prints made in pure moonlight). These processes allow viewers to directly connect with ‘deep time’ as a real entity via 2 and 3-dimensional practice.

His 2-dimensional practice are colour spaces revealed from light that has travelled thousands of years before being made permanent and visible.

The 3-D practice is about the ‘materiality of time’. By using materials, such as extinct bog oak and Mesolithic flint, he presents the viewer with a ‘cosmic archaeology’ that unites an object’s age (in earth years) with captured time (between 5000-25000 light years) written onto a tangible paper surface.

Moxon studied both BA and MA in Art and Photography at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)and has work in the National Scottish Portrait Gallery permanent collection. His previous work has been published in Time and the Guardian. His has previously been exhibited in both UK, Europe and the US – this is his first exhibition in South East Asia.

Before his creative studies he worked as marine electronics engineer onboard merchant container shipping.

Past Exhibitions & Events

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6 November to 31 December 2023