Anna Ehrenstein

Anna Ehrenstein works in transdisciplinary artistic practice with an emphasis on research and mediation. She uses print, video, installation, and sculpture to engage with and reverberate the intersections and divergences of high and low cultures and their socio-economic and bio-political constitutions.

Born in Germany with Albanian heritage and raised between the two cultures, realities and reflections around migration-related visual culture, diasporic narrations, networked images and the class hierarchy of pixels form main foci due to her own intercultural experiences. The materialisation of intangible data and consciousness within circular glitch assemblies is as much part of her installation process as texts and written word. She works with a range of different groups on joint artistic projects and believes in the radical possibilities of collective unlearning.

Anna Ehrenstein is the recipient of the C/O Berlin Talent Award 2020, and Tools for Conviviality will be shown in a debut institutional solo exhibition at C/O Berlin, from 27/03–05/06/2021. The extracts from the project are shown in this exhibition with the kind permission of C/O Berlin.

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18 May 2021 to 5 March 2023