Carl Robinson

We Are Nothing Without Stories

Carl Robinson is an artist and Senior Lecturer on BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Derby, UK. Since his first solo show in 1981, he has exhibited across the UK and internationally, including: NYIT Gallery 61 New York; The Space Hong Kong; Gallery 27 London; Robert’s Books Latvia; FQ Projects Shanghai; Plum Blossoms Art Gallery Hong Kong, Levy Gallery, and the Midland Group, amongst others. He has work in various collections including the Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. He originated and led the symposiums which look at the connections between painting, photography, and the digital: PaintingDigitalPhotography (2017) PhotographyDigitalPainting (2019) DigitalPaintingPhotography (2021) and edited the books stemming from these events: PaintingDigitalPhotography: Synthesis and Difference in the Age of Media Equivalence, (2018) PhotographyDigitalPainting: Expanding Medium Interconnectivity in Contemporary Visual Art Practices (2020), Painting, Photography, and the Digital: Crossing the Borders of the Mediums (2022). His art practice explores bringing photography, digital manipulation, and painting together in single artworks to question the nature of these mediums in the digital age.

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17 March to 21 April 2023