Mariano Doronzo

The Institute of Reminiscence

We all need a good story to listen to.
Whether we want to or not we tell our own stories.
I document and recite my story through photography and writing – in narratives solidly intertwined and laced with the tales of the life around me.
Mariano Doronzo is an Italian engineer, photographer and poet based in Nottingham. He moved to England in 2013 and started working with black and white street-photography using an old Praktica film camera.
Currently living in Nottingham, he still works with analog equipment whilst also expanding his skills in the darkroom from processing film to handmade printing.
Also a keen writer, Mariano was published in Italy in 2016 where his poetry book Echi del mio tempo (Echoes of my time) won the Premio Polverini national award for poetry.
Most days you can find Mariano serving the finest pints at The Dragon Pub in Nottingham.

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15 March to 14 April 2019