Olivia Punnett

The Institute of Reminiscence

Exploration of the photochemical mark as a communication of ideas of time and memory are part of Olivia Punnett’s practice as an artist. She uses printmaking in both process and resulting work, but cross into sculpture and installation, often using projection too. She is interested in Time & the remembered image, and how photography in printmaking can transmit these ideas. For this reason, a starting point is often 120mm film but distortion (bleed & blur) and the phenomenology of reflection are then used. Separation from the original is important and handmade glass or lenses add to this. This separation paradoxically connects Olivia Punnett to the emotion of loss, but also moves closer to a sense of feeling that is time specific, a memory, a place, a moment; Both concealment and revelation.
Photography is a starting point, but then images are pushed into ambivalence. In the same way that memories escape perfect recall, Olivia Punnett wants images to dance on the edge, to not be easily accessible to the ‘reader’ to inhabit fiction as well as fact, fiction as a kind of time.

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15 March to 14 April 2019