Peggy Sue Amison

Peggy Sue Amison, is Artistic Director of East Wing a platform for photography founded in Doha, Qatar (2015 – present). She also works as a freelance curator and writer.

As curator, writer, producer, and consultant, Peggy Sue collaborates with emerging and established photographers, festivals and publications internationally. She has curated exhibitions in Ireland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, USA, and China.

She also writes for photographic publications and artist catalogues. Prior to her work with East Wing, Peggy Sue was Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre, a multidisciplinary arts centre and artist residency in County Cork, Ireland. She has also served as a Board Member for Belfast Photo Festival in Northern Ireland.

With a history of collaborating with artists on long-term photographic projects and supporting the development of new and innovative photography, Peggy Sue has long provided support for photographers on project development, distribution and strategies for promotion, both through her work with East Wing, and as a free-lance curator. Originally from the United States, Peggy Sue lives and works in Berlin, Germany and is an Irish citizen.

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