Robert Good

Robert Good wrestles with words to consider the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge. He uses texts like tubes of paint: as material to be squeezed out and worked with. He is currently working with content from Google News and other online sources for forthcoming events with Saturation Point project space and Science Gallery Bengaluru.

Good has previously worked with over 2400 Geordie dialect words, 500 Northumberland placenames and a large scale text installation at Skinningrove Mining Museum. His book A New Dictionary of Art has been stocked at Tate Modern, Kettle’s Yard and galleries across the UK.

Good hosts a podcast called Something To Do With Art which explores the creative process and asks experimental artists what they do and why.

Robert Good holds an MFA with distinction from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, winning the Searle Award for Creativity. He is the founder of Art Language Location, an artist-run organisation working at the intersection between art, text and place. He is based in Cambridge, UK.

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12 March 2021