Stephanie Rushton

Stephanie Rushton is a senior lecturer in Photography at the University of Derby, a researcher and PhD candidate exploring Posthuman aesthetics and visual perception. Her lens-based practice asks whether habitual modes of seeing can be ruptured to create a shift in anthropocentric perspectives, inspiring greater equivalence between human and other-than-human worlds.

Past exhibitions include:

Rushton: Mallinson Arkadia, a Wastelands: Public Art Now ACE funded commission from Urban Wilderness Stoke CIC (2021)

West Midlands Open at the New Art Gallery Walsall (2022).

Format International Photography Festival Habitat (2017), Forever Now (2019), Control (2021), Container City at The Hamburg Triennale (2015).

Archaea solo show at Campbell Works, Hackney (2015).

Instagram: @rushton.stephanie

Past Exhibitions & Events

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17 March to 21 April 2023