Wei Weng

Wei Weng (b. 1981 Nanning, China; based in Melbourne, Australia) received her MFA from California College of Arts (’05) in Painting.

Wei Weng’s recent projects focus on the mechanism of cross-cultural experiences through interdisciplinary research and collaborative storytelling. Her first bilingual (CN/EN) publication Eat A Chili connects image production with sci-fi tales of thrill seeking behaviors. In her latest project Water Refuge, Wei Weng creates new fables based on Danish and Chinese literary concepts such as the little mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen) and the Master Thief (Søren Kierkegaard), immortals (神仙) and utopia (桃花源), while using open sea swimming to visualize the rejuvenation power of cold water on human psyche, cumulating in an series of cross-cultural events, photo book and exhibition design.


翁唯 1981年出生广西

中国视觉艺术家,毕业于加州艺术学院(硕士) 现居墨尔本,澳大利亚

翁唯通过不同媒介的系列研究、以及群体合作去展示跨文化体验的机 理。她近期的作品专注于表达文化通感,人类感知以及感知体验。她的 第一本双语(中/英)出版物《吃辣椒》通过图像和科幻的手法叙述了 人类寻求刺激的欲望。2023年完成的最新作品《在水一方》不仅融入了 中国和丹麦的文学色彩,也极力把冷水运动带来焕然一新的能量灌注到 新的跨文化体验、艺术书籍设计、阅读和展览设计中。

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