FORMAT23 Catalogue


Published by QUAD/FORMAT on the occasion of the eleventh FORMAT International Photography Festival taking place in Derby between 17 March and 9 April 2023, Derby UK.

For FORMAT International Photography Festivals eleventh edition, we are delighted to welcome you back to the city of Derby.  Following an online hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic, our aim in 2023 is to celebrate, discover and question What Photography Can Be. 

We are living through a truly extraordinary moment in time; history seems to be repeating itself whilst simultaneously we are making revolutionary advances towards a new existence. Within this duality, humanity is optimistically looking towards a shared and hopeful future utopia whilst plunging backwards into harsher times. Our world and the people in it seem to contradict themselves more than ever and conflict surrounds us. However, in these dark circumstances we still find the space to celebrate people, life, technology, nature, expression, knowledge and more. 

This year, for the first time in FORMAT’s history we decided not to lead with a theme, but instead a question. A question that allowed us to be led by the photographer rather than us lead them. A question that would show us views, imaginations and stories of this world and what will come next; what is important; what has gone unseen and what we are yet to discover. Following on from the most unprecedented and transformative two years this world has experienced since the Second World War, we wanted to ask the question – What Can Photography Be? What can photography teach us; what can it show us; how can it bring about change; can it show us a view of the world that helps us understand some of the biggest issues we face? And what does photography look like in a world that is constantly changing around us? 

The FORMAT23 Catalogue includes texts by Niamh Treacy, Dr. Gemma Marmalade, Oliver Frank Chanarin & Euripides Altintzoglou and Tamsin Silvey. 


68 page full colour image section with a yellow foil title, a self cover, and a gatefold central section

Paper: 150gsm FSC uncoated / 100gsm Papago Canary

Size: 230 x 290mm

48 page half width text section placed at the centre of the catalogue

Printed in one colour (black) on 100gsm Papago Sunflower Gold

Size: 130 x 290mm

Catalogue loosely bound together with a red elastic cord

Design: Nikie Marston, Hello Creative,

Print: Chapel Press Ltd.

ISBN 978-1-7393226-0-1