Constellation of Dust

Amplify Project – FORMAT23 Commission

Constellation of Dust – Amplify Project – FORMAT23 CommissionConstellation of Dust is a series of works that presents a realm in which organic patterns and vanished portraits combine into a consolidation of materials. This series shows the scientific and somehow clinical fragility of each item found in the Winters cellar. The main finding in this constellation was fragmented glass plates in the medium of photographic negatives that resisted and organically adapted to the ambient conditions. The weight of time brought robust amounts of dust and mud, which pressed against the glass negatives to the point of creating unique forms and shapes around the unfamiliar portraits, landscapes and documents. The beauty of the cohesive organic collage depicts how lives naturally fuse and mix through different mediums, such as an uninterrupted transformation. This showcase permits us to see and imagine through a translucid constellation that unveils lives and shapes, connecting the local paths to the global connections of Winter’s and how photography generates this possibility to travel in time, space and components.