Sofia Yala

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Sofia Yala (1994) is an Angolan & Portuguese photographer. The artist has an academic background in Anthropology and graduated from the University of Derby in 2021 with a MA in Film & Photography. Yala’s artwork explores legacies, question marks and the known but hardly seen; she uses archival material and contemporary visualities that transfer us to diverse realities; this process conveys storytelling in different times, textures, and layers. Her work considers (dis)construction of her identity as a transatlantic body aligned with local and universal narratives. The material process is based on photography, but Sofia enjoys testing and presenting her work with the photographic medium alongside other formats and compositions. She has completed some residencies, commissions and projects, including the public display in Derby’s city centre as part of the ARG Vibrancy Project, collaborating with Artcore. Last year she was awarded at Photo fringe 2022 with her solo show at Nadir Project, “ Fragments of my journey, and recently she had her work as part of the African Photography Biennial, Bamako encounters 2022.

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21 March to 9 April 2023