Future Now – QUAD

Featured Artists: Deacon Lui, Kota Ishida, Melanie King and Sergey Novikov  

Curated by: Jodi Kwok (QUAD/FORMAT Assistant Curator)  

Photography often facilitates a journey through time. At a more fundamental level, photography allows us to capture people, places and objects that might have been lost to history, giving us an unprecedented ability to reconstruct images of the past and project our memories far into the future. Photography is taking a more active role throughout history. Future Now looks to connect with the future through the imagination of photography.   


Future Now showcases the work of four UKbased artists: Deacon Lui, Kota Ishida, Melanie King, and Sergey Novikov. Each artists work responds to the theme of Future Now by exploring the ways that the medium of photography can be used and interpreted, demonstrating this through varied approaches that include installation, 3D sculpture, archive, and alternative analogue processes. The artists on display here explore the development of photography materials and creative possibilities, documenting a range of subject matter to explore concerns about the future. They each rediscover the ‘archive’ by adding new elements into how an image is constructed to question the accepted narrative view of history.  


The Future Now open call is produced in partnership with LCB Depot, Leicester. The photographers featured in the exhibitions at QUAD, LCB and across Leicester have been selected by Khatun, Chris Slowe, Niamh Treacy and Jodi Kwok, with special thanks to LCB team.  


This exhibition was made possible by generous funding from the Art Council England and Derby City Council.