Kota Ishida

Kota Ishida is a contemporary artist born in Tokyo, currently based in the UK. After extensively exploring visual arts at Ritsumeikan University’s College of Image Arts and Sciences, he is now advancing his research and creation at the University for the Creative Arts in the MFA Photography program. His work delves deeply into the relationship between images and humans within the context of Post Photography, utilizing photographs as a medium and transforming them into sculptures with the aid of modern technologies, specifically AI and 3D printers.

Inspired by the solitude of life abroad, Ishida expresses through his “Photographic Sculpture” the contradiction between the potential for communication beyond physical distances and the persistent longing for “the touch of reality” that remains unfulfilled in the contemporary world. His artwork recreates the images of historical figures, distant people, and those who have passed away as sculptures, offering viewers a new experience by allowing them to touch these representations.

Ishida’s work combines a critical perspective on photography with a strong desire to feel the subject matter, exploring the various “layers” that exist between photographs and sculptures. These layers materialize the subtle transformations and errors introduced by digital technology, potentially distancing the work from the subjects themselves. However, by directly interacting with these pieces, one might discover the profound allure of images that cannot be perceived through photographs alone.

Kota Ishida’s art encourages a fresh understanding of the images we encounter daily and sheds light on the essence of coexistence and mutual comprehension among humans. By embodying the desire to meet and feel “them” as captured in photographs, his work creates a deep resonance between the viewer and the artwork.

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16 March to 30 June 2024