Huddled Masses

Huddled Masses: American Groups before 1950 is an exhibition is curated by and drawn from the collection of W.M Hunt

At a time when the Covid19 Pandemic has made it impossible to meet in large groups, this exhibition is a timely reminder of the sociability of humans and their desire to come together rather than remain apart.

Hunt is particularly interested in the idea of crowd control. He observes how by looking at the people captured in the photographs it is clear they know how to behave in a group photograph, packing themselves in shoulder to shoulder and looking bright-eyed at the photographer, “saying cheese” and smiling.

People come together for many different reasons, to play sports, to enjoy family celebrations, to be part of a company photograph. In each case and in each of the corresponding images there can be seen a collective desire to be remembered as part of their group, proud to stand next to their companions.