W.M. Hunt

W.M. - Bill - Hunt has been collecting, looking at and talking about photography for over 40 years. He is an author The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious from Thames & Hudson, a dealer at Hasted Hunt, Ricco/Maresca and a teacher at the School of Visual Arts; Aperture and ICP.

His collections have been exhibited at the Rencontres in Arles; Musee de l’Elysee; FOAM; George Eastman House; Foto Industria and ICP.

Hunt is based in New York but has given talks all over the world, from Shanghai to Derby. He continues to write, about collections: Hunt's Three Ring Circus; Huddled Masses and Troupe/Troop and about photographers: Erwin Olaf: Wrestling with Shadows and Gerald Slota two narcissists walk into a bar.  Hunt also lectures, reviews portfolios, judges competitions, and serves on the board of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund.


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