Photo by Mitchell Moreno

One to One with Mitchell Moreno

Book a one-to-one Zoom with Mitchell Moreno, the artist of PANDEMANIAC, and share in the stories behind the pictures.

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PANDEMANIAC was made during the first lockdown when Moreno was without work, in self-isolation, and struggling with mental health.

The series queers common motifs of the pandemic, and draws on ideas of alienation and the mask, to reflect on the Covid-19 crisis and the broader themes it raises.

To coincide with an exhibition of PANDEMANIAC at Format21, Moreno will be hosting a series of friendly and informal one-to-one Zoom meetings, where you’ll be asked to choose a number of images on screen. Moreno won’t tell your fortune, but they will unpack the ideas and lived experiences behind the photos, and invite you to share your own thoughts and responses if you wish to.

About the artist

Mitchell Moreno is a genderqueer artist from Leicester, working at the intersection of photography and performance. Their practice explores the construction of gender, the queer gaze, and art as therapy.

Event Information

The event will last 20 minutes.

1 ticket available per event.

This event will be held on Zoom. The link to join will be sent out to the attendee before the event.