Radical Souls

Radical Souls will explore how dance, in its limitless forms, is used as a revolutionary tool for expressing self-identity, reaching out for freedom and communicating experiences which transcend the abilities of spoken language. 

Featuring artists Cecelia Bengolea (Argentina), Dele Adeyamo (UK), Luciana Demichelis (Argentina) and Volta Yang (China); the work shown traverses Dance genres and styles that are not governed by rules of strict technique but those that are instead fed through emotion, culture, sounds and in some cases, rebellion. Forms of movement which move beyond the boundaries of their own body, provide the performer with a sense of unyielding freedom that cannot be achieved through other means of self-expression and become a powerful method of reinterpreting life. 

Dance halls, underground clubs and neighborhood streets provide an escapism that in some parts of the world are vital for self-survival. In a world where societal groups are marginalised and discriminated against, the sanctuary of these spaces can often provide a haven where an individual’s true identity can be reclaimed in its purest form – free from persecution. Focused on the organic coming together of like-minded strangers, these ‘anthropological places’ form effervescent, transient environments that soak up shared experience. The exhibition will present a selection of new and existing photographic and moving image works which celebrate and explore the embodiment of euphoria experienced through movement of the human form.