Anna Sellen

Anna Sellen is a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist based on the West Coast of Wales. She works across photography, video, sound and text to tell stories about transitions that people and places undergo. Her projects often start autobiographically, evolve through extensive research and encompass cultural debates.

In ‘Drip by drip, we are fed with concrete,’ Anna Sellen re-visits her family’s lived experiences in the Soviet Union to explore personal and collective memories of the Cold War. She questions the Cold War legacy through the physical space of the underground bunker and her family archive. She is interested in the impact of the political decisions and the state-driven silencing and misinformation on people’s lives and identities, from one generation to the next, and what this means in today’s world.

This work emerged from Anna’s artist residency at the Kelvedon Hatch Cold War Bunker (2020-2022), as her personal response to the war in Ukraine. It is now an immersive/VR digital exhibition.

Past Exhibitions & Events

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17 March to 9 April 2023