Emily Ryalls

Emily Ryalls is a Wakefield based artist working predominantly with the intersection of photography and performance. Her practice is rooted in blurring the lines between a divided photographer/subject relationship, creating meaningful and collaborative works that examine and prompt crucial conversation on the role of photography as a non-exploitive means of co-production and connection.

Recently, Emily led on the build and development of a fully wheelchair accessible darkroom at The Art House, Wakefield, which she now programmes and technicians as the first and only one of its kind in the UK. Other recent projects include ‘You Can’t Sit Here’ as part of The Tetley’s PANIC! Artist Network bursaries, Doing & Undoing Islands – an exhibition and performance at London Art Fair’s Photo50 2022, in collaboration with Tom Lovelace. Also, an upcoming group exhibition with Hannah Starkey and eight early career female and non binary photographers in/from Yorkshire, exhibited between The Hepworth and The Art House.

Past Exhibitions & Events

  • Opening Weekend
  • Talk
Now Closed
18 March 2023
  • Exhibition
Now Closed
17 March to 9 April 2023