Ismail Khokon

Ismail Khokon is a British/Bangladeshi visual artist based in Nottinghamshire, a New Midland Group associate and artist member of the Primary, an artist-led space in Nottingham where he also co-delivers the Build Create Play project. He is a Resident Associate Artist in the New Art Exchange, Nottingham where he leads workshops for children and adults across local communities, and is a member of CVAN EM Steering Group.

Ismail is a recipient of the ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ Arts Council England Grant. The project, titled ‘At the crossroads’ will shine a light on the experiences of immigrants in Nottingham, empowering and giving public voice to individuals within these communities.

As a British/Bangladeshi, he understands how important it is to improve long-term support for artists and arts workers from backgrounds currently under-represented in the arts. He would like to share his knowledge and experience with other artists and growing art organisations coming from the Global Majority to develop their creative practice

Born in Bangladesh, where political violence and social injustice are widespread. Ismail came to England at a young age and has developed a practice in opposition to early experiences of oppression, centring an exploration of creative expression, social justice, and environmentalism. By using the medium best suited to a project or line of enquiry Ismail works across photography, painting, sculpture, installation to bring attention to the experiences of those who have been systematically marginalised.

Past Exhibitions & Events

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18 March 2023
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17 March to 9 April 2023