Jiayi Hu

FORMAT23/501 Xu Space Exhibition Opening: Gestures of Resistance

Jiayi Hu (She) b.1993, Xinjiang, China. Base in Chongqing. Jiayi Hu is a conceptual artist who mainly creates performance art, video, and painting. She is sensitive to the changes in her own environment and presents art from a unique perspective that is different from the habitual thinking of social life. Her performance art is not supported by creative concepts, but an interpretation of her own life experience, which is honest, pure, and brave. She always creates a sense of meaninglessness unconsciously, but it always hits human nature directly, because meaninglessness is the other side of meaning. Hu Jiayi is the only student so far who has won two Luo Zhongli Fellowship at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute of arts, where she graduated, where she currently teaches experimental video art. She has participated in several residencies including the Kwangju Museum of Art. She is also invited to perform performance art performances and exhibitions in different countries, including ‘Bodies of Water’ Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China, ‘Intimacy’, Leofanti film festival in Venice, Italy, ‘Becoming – Experimental’ Video Works, Eli Klein Gallery, New York, America.

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17 March to 2 July 2023