FORMAT23/501 Xu Space Exhibition Opening: Gestures of Resistance

FORMAT23/501 Xu Space Exhibition:
Gestures of Resistance 抵抗的姿态 

Exhibition opening in Chongqing, China

501 Xu Art Space, Room 1008, 2nd Floor, 501 Base, Huangjueping Street, Chongqing, China, 25 March – 7 April 2023 

QUAD/FORMAT has a long history of cooperating with 501 Xu exhibition space in Chongqing. We are excited to continue the program for emerging artists and curators in China and the UK. Amidst the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the movement of people continues to be determined and restricted by shifting policies. These policies differ depending on region, with a particular disparity in the present conditions of the UK and China. Contemplating the body’s relationship to power and control, the exhibition Gestures of Resistance, curated by Aisling Ward and Star Zhang, questions psychological freedom through a presentation of work by four interdisciplinary artists – Georgia GardnerJiayi HuJinling Dong and Liliana Zaharia. All four artists embrace active embodiment – ranging from choreographed, to improvised, social intention to habit – to resist, heal and connect in times of crisis. Gestures of Resistance contemplates the significance of the socially-constructed body, to uncover the political momentum that the body can generate in contemporary society, and to establish a reflective context for our cultures that bears witness to the contingency of performing in a pandemic.


There will be an opening reception for the exhibition at Xu Space in Chongqing on 25 March at 7 pm (GMT+8).