Kathryn Young

Kat Young is a British photographer based in London, who lives and works from a boat on the Thames. Her work is based in documentary photography and is made up of commissioned and personal projects that focus on people and their social and cultural identity. Her work focuses on the themes of memory, childhood, family and community; in particular life on the river.

Kat works in arts administration for an arts education charity and also as an artist educator for a variety of community organisations. Kat was educated at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Kingston Art School.

“Photographs of our daily life are the memories we value the most and documenting the everydayness of family life has become the core of my work. Memories of my childhood that I thought were lost are reflected in the surroundings I now live. I close my eyes and try to grasp on the threads that hold these two times together. To cement the connection between past and present.” Kat Young

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17 March to 9 April 2023