London Alternative Photography Collective

The London Alternative Photography Collective was founded by Melanie King in 2013, and has grown from a small group of analogue and alternative photography practitioners to a collective which produces large-scale symposiums, exhibitions and workshops.

Co-directed by Melanie King, Almudena Romero, Diego Valente and Hannah Fletcher, the LAPC is an open collective, which anyone can join. Open to artists who have ideas for projects, the LAPC has always been about promoting the accessibility and creative possibilities of analogue and experimental photography.

LAPC aims to support practitioners who challenge traditional ways of using photography to reflect on contemporary issues and aim to provide a platform for skill exchange.

The premise of the open collective allows a wide range of artists, photographers, makers, curators and theorists to guide the activities of the LAPC, enabling practitioners to swap ideas, skills and foster collaborations. We have a specific interested in contemporary art which revitalises antiquated and forgotten processes. The LAPC also encourages for tutorials and recipes to be shared so that these fascinating processes do not die out with time.

Past Exhibitions & Events

  • Talk
Now Closed
28 March 2021
  • Exhibition
Now Closed
17 May 2021 to 5 March 2023