Shona Morgan

Shona Morgan is a Bristol-based photographer with an interest in mental health, belonging and community-based projects. Shona uses her personal practice as a space to reflect on her experiences, allowing herself time to intuitively explore how she thinks and feels about herself and those around her.

Her ongoing project ‘In the air around us’ chronicles the relationship between herself and her mother as it shifts and evolves, with the resulting images both externalising and serving as containers for the various thoughts and feelings brought up throughout the process. Seeing the benefits that her mum has found in working collaboratively on this project, alongside knowing how helpful she’s found it herself, has reinforced her interest and belief in the ways in which photography, alongside the conversations it sparks, can become a tool towards our resilience.

Past Exhibitions & Events

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18 March 2023
  • Exhibition
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17 March to 9 April 2023