SPP Network

The Sustainable Photobook Publishing (SPP) network is a group of photographers, publishers, academics and writers who discuss and share knowledge on issues around environmentally conscious approaches to photobook publishing in printed form. All of us have different starting points and ideas of what constitutes a sustainable practice.  Through ongoing conversations, we spark new ways of thinking, and develop resources that support and actively encourage individual practitioners in their search for a more environmentally conscious approach to photobook publishing.Our values and approach

  • Working together – valuing cultural diversity, autonomy, transparency, accountability, and mutual trust
  • De-mystifying materials and processes – shedding light on supply chains and making processes
  • Creating a safe space for discussion – encouraging broad reaching, reflective, critical and open ended conversations
  • Identifying and discussing the challenges – encouraging the sharing of lessons learned, and opportunities for change
  • Increasing access to knowledge – developing open source resources for anyone and everyone to access
  • Inspiring creative approaches – uncovering and sharing examples of sustainable practices
  • Building networks – connecting local, national and international networks

The network was formed in 2021 and is hosted by Tamsin Green.

Past Exhibitions & Events

  • Talk
Now Closed
4 April 2023
  • Opening Weekend
  • Participation Event
Now Closed
18 March 2023
  • Exhibition
Now Closed
17 March to 9 April 2023