Star Zhang

FORMAT23/501 Xu Space Exhibition Opening: Gestures of Resistance

Star Zhang (he) b.1990, Shenyang, China. Base in Shanghai, China. Star Zhang is an independent curator, researcher, and art consultant interested in abstract painting, minimalist art with oriental aesthetics, and conceptual art. Zhang’s curatorial direction focuses on the regional characteristics of contemporary art development and social concerns beyond the artistic dimension. Therefore, how to connect with reality and bring the public to a wider range of resonance is his first consideration for exhibition making. In his view, this is also related to the democratic character of curation. In 2020, Star Zhang graduated from Kingston University, UK, majoring in Museum and Gallery Studies(MFA). In the past two years, he has been conducting independent curatorial work in Shanghai, China, and has co-presented exhibitions at various art institutions such as ‘Spring Being’-Chun Art Museum, ‘Folding Both Ends’-YiboM Gallery, ‘It is Not A Wave’-SGA Gallery, etc. Zhang also writes critical articles for art journals including Art Monthly and National Art.

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17 March to 2 July 2023