Terje Abusdal

Terje Abusdal (1978) is a visual artist with background from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. His practice combines photography with archival research and interviews to elaborate on themes of national identity and shifting political borders.

Abusdal’s work has won several prizes, among others Leica Oscar Barnack Award and Fotogalleriets Nordic Dummy Award. He has published the books Radius 500 Meters (2015) and Hope Blinds Reason (2019) with Journal in Sweden, as well as Slash & Burn (2018) with Kehrer Verlag in Germany. His latest publication, Hope Blinds Reason, was the winner of Norway’s Most Beautiful Book in 2020. Terje has had a number of exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Bergen Kunsthall, Noplace, NŌUA and Mattatoio di Roma.

Past Exhibitions & Events

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17 March to 29 April 2023