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15 March - 9 June
11:00 - 17:00

Gallery One


Composed around a series of photographic works that challenge modes of documentary and storytelling, Mutable, Multiple is an exhibition that explores how narrative, history, memory and myth can be recalibrated as a way of coming to terms with complex and changing realities.

A story of stories, the exhibition features six artists – Max Pinckers, Edgar Martins, Stefanie Moshammer, Amani Willett, Anne Golaz and Virginie Rebetez – all of whom make use of the narrative potential of photography to engage with their subjects, yet without adopting straightforward strategies.

Brought together in the context of Mutable, Multiple the projects occupy a hybrid documentary space between image and information, fiction and evidence, where associations of interviews, literature, press material, news footage, archival interventions and staged photography are the new norm.

By creating degrees of freedom within their multi-layered and subjective approaches the six artists become wholly immersed in process, all the while examining the limits of representation and inserting self-reflection actively within their work.

Mutable, Multiple brings to bear issues of entrapment and disappearance, fantasy and escape, exile and longing. The various ways in which each project deals with the fractured, disharmonious lives of their subjects are made apparent, allowing the viewer to meditate on the situations in which such individuals achieve ‘in/visibility’ in the world.

Curated by Louise Fedotov-Clements and Tim Clark.